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Fashion Trend: Lace

How not to wear lace. What were they thinking?!

Lace is huge this fall and winter. It’s practically impossible to avoid it. 

Unfortunately, this slinky lace-detailed number by Guess has me wondering if this dress is a joke ridiculing the current lace trend. Part biker (did you notice the full front zipper?!), part maid (a shirt collared halter? come on!), and too many stitches of frumpy black satin make this dress the perfect sleaze getup for next year’s Halloween party. I’m half expecting to see a bunny tail on the back: you can be sexy nurse and sexy bunny all in one! I think if I see this dress out this holiday I will eat my pro-lace words (below). Please do not run out and buy this Guess dress.

Not everybody likes lace. It can look dated and it can look cheap (thank you, Guess, for showing us how.) 

But if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em- our way. A couple of years ago I bought lace fingerless gloves that are going to be the talk of the party again this year. Now I’m sold on lace; what can I say? It can be all good cheeky fun when clothes take their cue from our dainties!

My lace gloves!

If you’re still not convinced, rest assured: this is not your grandmother’s doily parade or Guess’ sleazy mini. This is sexy stretchy lace in femme fatale shapes. Black wins over cream any day. I’m talking about lace boleros, lace blouses, satin-backed lace pencil skirts, lace tights, lace stilletos, lace headbands, and of course, the little black dress done in lace.

Here are some ideas to help you blur visions of your grandma’s coffee tables (and those of the Guess dress above) and start seeing bar high tops instead:

Lace dress

Black lace and satin dress

ABS Lace dress

Valentino pumps

Metal lace teardrop earrings

Footless lace tights   2010-10-07
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